Nicolas Ouchenir

INDIGO at Barnes Agency

This exhibition is an encounter between the history of Saint Barthélemy and the talent of the artist Nicolas Ouchenir. It showcases artworks made with his favorite material, indigo ink, which was with cotton the main activity of Saint Barthélemy in the past.

At the end of the 17th century, indigo was the main crop in Saint Barthélemy with about ten indigo factories including both plantations and facilities.

About the Artist

Nicolas Ouchenir is a French calligrapher who works for fashion and design. He is now everywhere: from the most prestigious fashion shows, for which he imagines all the
invitations, to brands whose excellence is recognized throughout the world and which he supports as a consultant. Signatures that are always strong, tailor-made and necessarily rare. Nicolas Ouchenir is a magician who brings ink to life and gives it a soul.

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About the agency

Barnes Saint Barth is a luxury real estate agency located in Gustavia

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