Pierre Hennequin


All the artists featured on these photos have spent time in St Barth, one of those rare places where you can meet famous pop stars as they take a well-deserved break from everyday life.

Go to Jean Martin's exhibition, also at Rosewood Le Guanahani

"St Barths is a place very dear to my heart for a thousand reasons. From love to friendship, and seasons of laughter, this place has always been more than an island get away, it’s a second home. This is why I am extremely honoured to exhibit my works at the 2022 Art Week Festival. "

— Pierre Hennequin

About the Artist

Pierre Hennequin is a 30 year old freelance photographer with over a decade experience specializing in concert photography.

He has been working with the French magazine Paris Match since 2016.

Pierre Hennequin's website

"To have my work exhibited at Guanahani – the very first luxury hotel on the island – comes with a very high personal distinction. The esteemed Rosewood brand is one that I have always admired and aligned myself with. I hope the photographs showcased within their walls will heighten the guest experience as they take a peek into my magical musical world."

— Pierre Hennequin

About the hotel

Rosewood Le Guanahani is a 5-Star hotel located in Grand-Cul-de-Sac

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