Daniel Arsham at Eden Rock St Barths

The prolific multi-disciplinary American artist Daniel Ashram constantly revisits the concept of temporary and ephemeral through different art forms that originate in the trauma of witnessing, as a child, the devastation of Hurricane Andrew in the summer of 1992

For the debut of the St Barth Photo Festival, Arsham is exhibiting a series of moonlit night photographs captured in St Barth while he was visiting the Island for his Moon Stone solo exhibition at the Territorial Museum in 2018. There was no better place than Eden Rock hotel for his return to the Island, where he stayed when he took these photographs. The legendary location is built into the natural topography of the Island along the rocks and is complimentary to the works’ focus on the power of natural forces.

I have spent a lot of time in St Barth. I love it there. I have stayed at the Eden Rock Hotel many times. A couple of years ago I took a lot of photographs of the night sky in St Barth where you can see the stars out at night. Photography has always been a big part of my practice. It’s not something that I have ever really shown but in the context of the hotel, I think it’s interesting to see these photographs. Daniel Arsham

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