Nathalie Lépine

IN THE EYES at Villa Marie Hotel 

Villa Marie, with its traditional tropical design, is the perfect host for Nathalie Lépine’s paintings. This exhibition gives a great overview of her work, from gracious portraits to marine art.

About the Artist

Nathalie Lépine translates the complexity of the human, and particularly the feminine condition in hyper-simplified lines. Then she works to enlight the paint itself to intensify the subject matter.

She treats her landscapes and seascapes the same way, with pure lines and extremely deep textures.

Nathalie Lépine's website

"A classic approach to painting centered on faces and oceans in a magical place with classic and chic tones. A form of echo."

— Nathalie Lépine

About the hotel

Villa Marie is a chic and bohemian tropical boutique hotel 5* in Colombier, with a colonial and colourful charm

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